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All-in-one Package - Rose Manipulation Routine

Model: setRMR

This set is for performing Carnation Manipulation Routine with Rose Type flowers. The Package includes a lecture DVD (Carnation Manipulation Routine) and 5 items which is used for the routine.

Rose Type flowers cannot be in a normal wand because they are bulky. Please create your own routine and make a prop which fit to it.

You can add or remove the items as your preference. If you would like to customize your own bouquet which is produced in the end of the routine, please select "Without Bouquet" option and order your favorite bouquet at the other product pages.

You can add Flower Holders to the Package. 2 Holders are required to perform the routine.

Contents of the Package

  1. 15-piece Rose Bouquet x1 (45cm / Flake 3 / Carnation 3 / Rose 9)changeable to the other bouquet
  2. Rose - Single (after color change)
  3. Rose - Single (befor color change)
  4. Rose - Shell
  5. 2-piece Rose Bouquet for a Wand
  6. DVD NTSC 15 min / with bilingual subtitles

Starting at: 40,000JPY


Tinge of a Bouquet:



3.Single - before color change:

Shell 1:

5.Bouquet for a Wand (Rose):


Flower Holder:

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