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Product Features

We can custom-make your original Feather Flowers to better suit your needs. It is possible to change a part of Regular products or even make your totally original bouquet. Please choose each option of Regular products or write your preference in the comment field. If you have any questions about customizing, Please contact us.


You can choose these 13 colors for flower petal. If there is no option provided at a product page, add the same Type product in a cart and add your option in the comment field. Sometimes we cannot serve your need because of stock shortage of the material.

  • red


  • crimson


  • peach


  • cherry


  • salmon


  • orange


  • yellow


  • blue


  • indigo


  • violet


  • purple


  • wisteria


  • white



The flowers which has center portion, Normal Type, Columbine, Avens, you can choose yellow or white for that (There is an option field at each product page).

  • Normal Type - Center-Color White

    Normal Type
    Center - White

  • Columbine - Center-Color Yellow

    Center - Yellow

  • Avens - Center-Color Yellow

    Center - Yellow

You might be able to pick the same color as the petals.

  • Center-Color - cherry

    Center - Cherry

  • Center-Color - red

    Center - Red

Single or Bouquet

Normally Feather Flowers are used for production act, Bouquet Type products are the most popular ones. We considered using them for manipulation act, and then provide Single Type Feather Flowers.

  • Carnation$B!&(BSingle Type

    Single Type

  • Carnation$B!&(BBouquet Type

    Bouquet Type

  • Rose$B!&(BSingle Type

    Single Type

  • Rose$B!&(BBouquet Type

    Bouquet Type

The length for Normal Type flowers

Our Normal Type flowers are made relatively small than others (About 14cm in diameter). It looks more natural and beautiful than putting too long petals and making a jumbo size flower. We still take your order to put longer petals when we do have enough long materials. In this case, please note that the total length of the bouquet will be longer.

Bouquet: Basic Size and Number of Pieces

Regular Size Normal Type bouquet is consisted of 6 piece flowers. The basic length is about 26cm, and it can be adjusted between 23cm and 30cm. We don't recommend to add more pieces because it causes cramped looking. Large size Normal Type bouquet has three variations, which are consisted of 9 pieces, 15 pieces and 21 pieces. The basic length is about 45cm, and it can be adjusted between 35cm and 55cm.

  • Regular


  • Large 9 pieces

    Large 9 pieces

  • Large 15 pieces

    Large 15 pieces

  • Large 21 pieces

    Large 21 pieces

Carnation Type bouquet is consisted of 6 piece flowers, and it is possible to add two more pieces (There is an option field at each product page). It goes longer if you add some pieces.

If you would like longer bouquet with carnation parts, we recommend to combine with other type of parts and make a Special Bouquet, otherwise the bouquet has poor looking.

  • Carnation 6 pieces

    Carnation 6 pieces

  • Carnation 8 pieces

    Carnation 8 pieces

A bouquet For Wand can be put into a wand which has 12mm inner diameter. So the numbers of the pieces are limited, Normal Type can have 4 pieces (30cm), Carnation Type can have 4 pieces (25cm) or 6 pieces (30cm).

  • For Wand Normal$B#4(B pieces

    Normal - 4 pieces

  • For Wand Normal - 4 pieces in a tube

    Normal - 4 pieces
    in a tube

  • For Wand Carnation - 4 pieces

    Carnation - 4 pieces

  • For Wand Carnation - 6 pieces

    Carnation - 6 pieces

Special Bouquet can be consisted of any parts you would like. A regular size bouquet looks nice with about 10 pieces, a large size bouquet looks luxurious with 20 pieces. When you would like to custom-make your original Special Bouquet, we will show you the picture of the parts which are in a base, so you can check the image before it is put together.

  • Regular Size

    Regular Size

  • Large


  • Rose Bouquet

    Rose Bouquet

  • Parts in a base

    Parts in a base

Length of Bouquets

Total length of bouquet means the length between a stem end and a tip of feather when the bouquet is furled.

Regular Size can be adjusted between 23cm and 30cm. Large Size can be adjusted between 35cm and 55cm. Please indicate as you need. If there is no indication, Regular Size will be about 26cm, Large Size will be about 45cm.

If you put a bouquet in a sleeve, measure the length between your wrist and elbow. That length or a bit longer size would be the best. There has been orders to make it 23cm from some female customers.

  • Total length of a bouquet

    Total length
    of a bouquet

  • Total length of a bouquet


Diameter of Stem Wires

0.6mm wire is used for Bouquet and 0.8mm wire is used for Single Type flowers. There is an option field at each product page to change the wires to 0.8mm.

  • In the case all the wires are 0.6mm: Entire bouquet moves softly and has sensitive image. A bouquet can be bended and put in a changing bag. Each piece tends to open toward outside, then having a wrapping is the good choice.$B!J(BNormal order is this case.$B!K(B
  • In the case all the wires are 0.8mm: Entire bouquet has hard body and it is produced pretty beautifully. If you don't need a wrapping, this is the best choice. A bouquet cannot be bended.
  • In the case inner wires are 0.8mm: The bouquet can have a hard body and also sensitive image. A bouquet cannot be bended.

Shape of Stem End

Stem End can be customized as you need. "For Wand" is a regular product which can be shaped to put in a wand. Here are some examples of Single Type flowers which are made as customer's requests, one has a small ring in the end to put a string, the other has a ring which is made to hook a finger.

  • Ordinary Shape

    Ordinary Shape

  • For Wand

    For Wand

  • small ring in the end

    A small ring
    in the end

  • A ring for finger hook

    A ring for finger hook

Special Bouquet

Our original type of bouquet which has more realistic looking. You can customize some Regular Products and also custom-make your original Special Bouquet putting any parts you would like to a Base.

  • special bouquet Dark 15 pieces

    Dark 15 pieces

  • special bouquet Purplish 21 pieces

    Purplish 21 pieces

  • special bouquet redly 23 pieces

    redly 23 pieces

  • special bouquet pinkish 24 pieces

    pinkish 24 pieces

You can choose any of following Parts.

  • Bud


  • Flak


  • Avens


  • Normal


  • Carnation


  • Columbine


  • Gypsophila


  • Rose


Tulle (Wrapping)

It looks nice if you add a wrapping to your bouquet. However it sometimes get stuck on a Velcro tape which is attached in a changing bag, you need to consider it depends on your set-up. (There is an option field at each product page of Special bouquet).

  • without tulle

    without tulle

  • without tulle

    without tulle

  • with tulle

    with tulle

  • with tulle

    with tulle

Original Shaped Flowers

We will try to make other kind of flowers. It depends on the nature of the material so we cannot promise it is surely made up. We will show you some pictures of trial model, and if you are satisfied with it, we will provide it as our product.

In the past time we tried to make some trial models. Rose Type model is settled as a regular products which had requests from many customers

  • Rose


  • Hibiscus"


  • Iris


  • Sunflower


We were asked to make a tiny flower which can be in a cigarette size tube. It might be possible to replace a flower parts of off-the-peg products. Please do not hesitate to consult us in such a case.

  •  Cigarette Size Flower

    Cigarette Size Flower

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