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normal type

for wand

These are the feather flower which is used commonly for production act. Our "Normal Type" Feather Flower not only has enough volume, but also compact body when it is furled. Strong and springy wire is used for stem material so the bouquet is produced pretty beautifully. Some effective production techniques which uses sleeves or cummerbund are explained in the Lecture DVD.

Please refer this page about customizing.

Demonstrations in the Lecture DVD "Feather Flower Production"
Lecture DVD Carnation Manipulation Routine
  • Regular Size Normal Type bouquet is consisted of 6 piece flowers and is suitable for setting in a sleeve. The basic length is about 26cm and it can be adjusted between 23cm and 30cm.
  • Large size Normal Type bouquet has three variations, which are consisted of 9 pieces, 15 pieces and 21 pieces and is suitable for production from back side of your costume or tables. The basic length is about 45cm, and it can be adjusted between 35cm and 55cm.
  • A bouquet For Wand is consisted of 4 piece flowers and can be put into a wand which has 12mm inner diameter. The basic length is about 30cm. A technique how to produce the bouquet from a wand is explained in the Lecture DVD
  • put into a holder

    put into a holder

  • Large Size Bouquet

    Large Size Bouquet
    has enough volume

  • Production from a Table

    from a Table

  • Lecture DVD Carnation Manipulation Routine

    Lecture DVD

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