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Could you tell me the dollar-based price of each product?

We do yen-based trades only. Please refer today's currency rate and calculate the price by yourself.

For customers who have never shopped in currency other than local one;
Don't worry, as long as you input the amount of Japanese yen when you remit the money, the value of local currency will be paid out from your account automatically.

How long does it take for delivery?

Please consider the days of manufacture and delivery (We start manufacturing after confirmation of your payment). You will see the table which shows approximate days for manufacture of feather flowers. It will be according to our stock of the material, and the other customer's order status, though. Normally, we ask for 7 - 10 days between the payment and the shipping.

Plus please think of the days you have to practice. We recommend you to order one or two month before your actual use.

Please refer EMS web page for delivery days.

The Number of Days for feather flower manufacture
Product Category Piece of Flower / Product Name number of days
Normal Type 6 - 9 3
15- 21 5
Carnation 4 - 6 2
8 3
Rose 6 3
Special Bouquet 10 - 20 4
20 - 30 6
All-in-one Package Carnation Manipulation Routine 4
Hana-fubuki Routine 5
Rose Manipulation Routine 7
Color Changing with a Shell 2

Do you sell wholesale to other suppliers?

We do have got such a request from many suppliers, but we do direct sales only except for special occasions. This is because we cannot show proper wholesale price.

We would like to have discount since I am purchasing a large amount for a lecture in our magic circle.

We will not give a discount at the retail level.

We are a magic dealer. Would you purchase our goods?

We will not buy any from other suppliers except for special occasions.

I would like to get the props which are used in "Carnation Routine".

Please refer the following page
All-in-one Package - Carnation Manipulation Routine

I would like to see the actual products at the shop.

We sell over the Internet only. Please refer the pictures in our online shop. If you would like more details, please contact us.

Could you give me a lecture?

Basically we do not provide lectures.

What color is good for feather flowers of stage performances?

It depends on your costumes of styles of your act. Eventually it is just a subjective thing, then please consider it by yourself.

What color is nice?

We cannot give you an answer as this is subjective to each person's choice.

Could you ship the products overseas? How much is the shipping fee?

Yes we can. Please refer the details at Shipping & Payment. Oh, by the way, we are located in Japan.

Can I use credit card as payment method?

Only for customers in overseas, we accept credit card payment through PayPal. Please refer the details at Shipping & Payment.

Could you make jumbo flower bouquet which is big as human.

Such a jumbo bouquet cannot be produced in our normal life. It is against natural providence and making such a product is also against our policy. Sorry, please ask it to other manufacturers.

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