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Advice for your purchase

It takes time producing feather flowers because they are made by hand individually. Please order them well in advance.

Please order products well in advance.

Sometimes we cannot deliver products as soon as we take you order. It depends on the stock of feather materials, or other customers orders. Please order products well in advance a couple of months before of your use.

Include feather flower act efficiently in your performance.

Feather Flower act looks gorgeous, but it won't be a good performance producing too many flowers without meaning. You need to show your audience and even yourself why that flower is produced at that moment in your routine. Sometimes it is better to just put a short flower routine in the middle of your act to give it snap.

The demonstrations in Lecture DVDs are just for reference. You don't need to perform everything which is explained in there. Just add the parts which appeals to you.

Prepare 2 Flowers; One for practice, one for your show.

The fact that Feather Flower production is similar to manipulation. You need to do enough practice to perform well. However the more you practice, the more Feather Flowers are damaged. Please try to keep them in shape by placing them out from cases or steaming feathers sometimes. Even though, eventually Feather Flowers are damaged because they are consumables.

If you would like to perform your show with nice looking Feather Flowers, we recommend to buy same 2 products at the same time. One is for practice, and keep one for your show. Each Feather Flowers has slight differences because they are manufactured by hand individually. However, if they are made at the same time, they will have almost same appearance. Or if you would like to reorder the same products later on, please inform us the exact size of Feather Flowers which you have.

* Normal Type Feather Flower has breakable construction. Carnation Type Feather Flower relatively keeps the shape better than other type of Feather Flowers

Make a Flower Holder by yourself, or order with a Feather Flower.

We recommend to make a Flower Holder when you perform Flower act. It is a tube made of smooth fabric which has same color as lining of your costume. The length should be a bit longer than feather flower, the width should be wide enough as you can put the Feather Flower out without stress. You can narrow the width by sawing a part of the holder later on and adjust it for your best use. Please use it stitching on the lining of your costume or cummerbund.

How to make Flower Holder

  • Fold the ends twice toward outside

    Fold the ends twice
    toward outside

We provide Flower Holder but it is better to make it by yourself. By the way we will stop selling the holders after our stock is sold out. We will not take a n order of size customizing.

Create your original Bouquet.

If you are bored with ordinary type of Feather Flowers, why don't you custom-make your original Bouquet? We have designed realistic looking various Bouquet. You can combine any Parts you would like of any color variation and any number of pieces. Please refer Product Features page and tell us your preference.

If it is difficult for you to tell us concrete image for your Original Special Bouquet, please show us some drawing or picture which is close to your though. We combine some parts according to your materials, and show you the pictures which those are in a base, so you can check the image before it is put together.

  • image drawing

    image drawing

  • image picture

    image picture

  • Parts in a base

    Parts in a base

  • Completed Special Bouquet

    Special Bouquet

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