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special bouquet


Our original type of bouquet which has more realistic looking. You can customize some Regular Products and also custom-make your original Special Bouquet putting any parts you would like to a Base.

Please refer this page about customizing.

Special Bouquet is used in this demonstration
Lecture DVD Carnation Manipulation Routine
  • You can combine any Parts you would like of any color variation and any number of pieces.
  • special bouquet Dark 15 pieces

    Dark 15 pieces

  • special bouquet Purplish 21 pieces

    Purplish 21 pieces

  • special bouquet redly 23 pieces

    Redly 23 pieces

  • special bouquet pinkish 24 pieces

    Pinkish 24 pieces

  • A regular size bouquet looks nice with about 10 pieces, a large size bouquet looks luxurious with 20 pieces. The length can be adjusted between 30cm and 55cm.
  • Regular Size

    Regular Size

  • Large Size

    Large Size

  • It looks nice if you add a wrapping to your bouquet. However it sometimes get stuck on a Velcro tape which is attached in a changing bag, you need to consider it depends on your set-up.
  • without tulle

    without tulle

  • without tulle

    without tulle

  • with tulle

    with tulle

  • with tulle

    with tulle

  • You can choose any of following Parts.
  • Bud


  • Flak


  • Avens


  • Normal


  • Carnation


  • Columbine


  • Gypsophila


  • Rose


  • If it is difficult for you to tell us concrete image for your Original Special Bouquet, please show us some drawing or picture which is close to your though. We combine some parts according to your materials, and show you the pictures which those are in a base, so you can check the image before it is put together.
  • image drawing

    image drawing

  • image picture

    image picture

  • Parts in a base

    Parts in a base

  • Completed Special Bouquet

    Special Bouquet

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