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for wand

Rose Type Feather Flower is settled as a regular products because there were so many requests from our customers. We only have sample pictures of red or white color, but of course will take your order in different colors. Part of Carnation Manipulation Routine can be performed with this type of flowers.

Rose Type Feather Flower cannot be in a wand which has 12mm inner diameter.

Please refer this page about customizing.

Demonstrations in the Lecture DVD"Carnation Manipulation Routine"
Lecture DVD Carnation Manipulation Routine
  • Rose Type bouquet for sleeve can be consisted of 2 - 12 (even number) piece flowers. The basic length is about 26cm and it can be adjusted between 23cm and 30cm.
  • 2 piece of Rose and 1 branch

    2 piece of Rose
    + 1 branch

  • 6 piece Bouquet

    6 piece Bouquet

  • 12 piece Bouquet

    12 piece Bouquet

  • A hard wire is used for a Single Type Rose and it can be used for manipulation act. You can perform a routine that a single flower multiplies to a bouquet in a moment.
  • Rosebud
  • You can perform Color Changing with a Single Type Rose and a Shell. We provide a Lecture DVD which explains about the Color Changing technique.
  • Shell (white)

    Shell (white)

  • Shell (white)

    Shell (white)

  • Rose (red) and Shell (white)

    Rose (red) and
    Shell (white)

  • Shell (red)

    Shell (red)

Rose Type Shell is bigger than Carnation one and it is harder to manage.

Demonstrations in the Lecture DVD"Color Changing with a Shell"
Lecture DVD Color Changing with a Shell
  • It is possible to make For Wand Bouquet. However, Rose Type flower is bulkier than Carnation, so it cannot be in a wand which has 12mm inner diameter. Please prepare proper size tube by yourself. It is recommendable 2 piece of Rose + 1 branch for this use.
  • For Wand Bouquet

    For Wand

  • You can order Special Bouquet which is combined with Gypsophila and other type of flower parts. Please refer Special Bouquet Category. You can custom-make your original Special Bouquet putting any Parts you would like to a Base.
  • Rose and Gypsophila

    Rose and

  • Gypsophila


  • Rose and Flake

    Rose and Flake

  • Dark Color Combination

    Dark Color

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