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Our products’ review on Genii Magazine January 2010

Secret Garden Feather and Spring Flowers

OO<25: Top-notch feather-flowers with customized color combinations. Get the DVD with well-taught production routine. Lovely.

Genii Magazine

IT'S ABOUT TIME! Finally, after 15 years of reviewing tricks, I've received a trick with an instructional DVD with a woman as the performer. Keiko Muto, the 2002 I.B.M. Gold Medal Winner is releasing gorgeous feather flowers. These are handmade---and customized according to the color specifications that you request. Go to and search on "Flower manipulation Routine" and you'll find two clips---one that has portions of the instructional DVD and another clip that is performance quality. Also search on "Feather Flower Production" to see how these flowers and bouquets can be produced from a hat, an "Appearing Cane", or under cover of a handkerchief.

The Flower Manipulation Routine is well thought out and not difficult to do. You'll learn how to produce a flower from a wand, vanish and produce it using a silk for cover, change the color of the bud, make it multiply to two flowers, then a double bouquet. There are plenty of moments for ooohs and aaaahs from your audience. If you don't do manipulation to music, I can see the props being used in a story about nature, perhaps the death of flowers in the winter and their rebirth in the spring.

Finally, Secret Garden is carrying a "Spring Flower" designed by Yuji Takahashi. These are multi-colored and made of cloth rather than paper. The bud is significantly bigger than the norm and they'll make a bigger impact on your audience as you produce them from your fingertips. I wish these had existed years ago when my wife did a flower production in our touring children's show. These are absolutely first-class. Seven flowers come in a set with a holder.

I recommend these for professionals who currently have or want to include a flower production routine in their show. Since all orders are customized, check pricing on the website; choose your language by clicking on a nation's flag on the upper left corner.

Special Thanks to:
Yuki Kadoya for coordinating this opportunity
Richard Kaufman chief editor of Genii Magazine
Danny Orleans author of this review, he gave us an idea to name our spring flowers "Premium Spring Flowers"
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