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Our products review on Genii Magazine January 2010
Blue, Peach, violet and wisteria material for Normal Type is now out of stock. We might not be able to accept your order if it includes those colors.
Next Closed Period: Oct. 15th, 2020 - Oct. 29th
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    Please order well in advance.
    It takes time producing feather flowers because they are made by hand individually.
    Please order them well in advance.
    Please refer to the Shopping Guide on the left. You can also find some columns which are useful to construct your performances, our Product Features and Advice for your purchase
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    We are irregularly closed from time to tome. Sometimes you will not be replied for a while when you order something.
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  • Highly Recommended Product

    Carnation Manipulation Routine
    (All-in-one Package)
    This is the most popular item in our shop. We constructed a routine which involves our original product, Carnation Type Feather Flower. This package includes each prop which is used in the routine. It comes with a DVD which explains the details of the techniques, routine and set-up.
    Rose Manipulation Routine Set and Hana-fubuki Routine Set are released!!
    Go to Product Page
    DVD Carnation Manipulation Routine
    The Routine in the DVD
    Hana-fubuki Routine

  • Event

    Hata-hata Magic Con-shinkai
    at: Akita View Hotel (Akita Pref. Japan)
    Quite enjoyable Magic Dinner Show which is held every winter in Akita Pref., Japan.
    Anybody can casually pop in for a reasonable participation fee and enjoy various kinds of magic performances.
    Please take a peek at it in the following motion picture.
    The memorial event for the late Mahka Tendo, who had been performing at this Con-shinkai every year is planed.

    Details: at Bravo Nakaya's Official Website

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